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Each event lives from its own special backdrop. Flowers and landscaping set wonderful accents and give every room and every terrain a dreamlike ambience.

Be it at a wedding or a summer party, without the right design it is difficult to create the right mood. For this, however, a comprehensive concept is required that includes the season, the combination of the individual elements and the costs.

If you want to decorate a hall, you can use flowers to create a colorful backdrop. The effect is controlled by the choice of plants and the presentation. White flowers look elegant and are suitable for a wedding or confirmation. Colored roses radiate class and are often used on silver weddings or birthdays. Fresh summer flowers greet guests at a summer party in the entrance area.

The implementation of flower decorations only takes a little time. You discuss a concept with the florist and the goods are delivered the evening before the event or in the morning. There should be enough helpers, then the decoration can best be arranged. Outside facilities, which serve as a location for the event , are more complex . Whether a Japanese garden or Dutch tulip splendor, there are many different approaches.

On the one hand, the area to be decorated is larger in the outside area, on the other hand, the containers are larger and heavier. For example, beautiful terrain includes bushes, trees, and shrubs. These cannot be delivered and set up, the garden has to be redecorated here. Landscape gardeners also take on these tasks, but more time is required for this. Good timing and planning are therefore important.

Plants in pots represent a compromise, even small trees can be planted in ornamental, oversized flower pots. The containers can be a meter high and ensure a green and appealing ambience. With good planning, only a few elements are necessary.

In any case, the existing material should be maintained before the event and brought to a uniform appearance. Design styles must not contradict each other in a larger system; color directions must be reflected in different positions in the garden . The lawn must be kept as short as possible and must not have any damaged areas. Appropriate providers can also be used for this.

If necessary, badly worn spots can be replaced with turf. Since gardening work deals with natural raw materials, planning should be started early on for an upcoming event. The creation of beds is a good way to create an attractive backdrop in the outdoor area. The more time the plants are given to grow, the less time-consuming it is to remodel. This also affects the price.


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