Schluempfe 3 Das verlorene Dorf Szene 02Schluempfe 3 Das verlorene Dorf Szene 02

Spring is here – at least from an astronomical point of view. And it has also arrived in the Schlumpfendorf: On the occasion of this good news, Sony Pictures yesterday placed 500 blue, 20cm high Schlump figures made of vinyl at Zurich’s Stadelhofen, in order to give the numerous passers-by – in the best case – the first spring fever, or at least a smile .

A mostly blue, but motley picture, made of smurfs, flowers and blossoms, presented itself to passers-by and commuters from early morning until late in the evening, which led to countless photos and social media posts.

If you took a closer look, you saw two “extraordinary” versions of the Smurf in the blue Smurfs assembly. These are originally neutral, white Smurf figures, which the former Swiss freestyle skier (now model and presenter) and neo-Mami Mirjam „Mimi“ Jäger as well as It-Girl and blogger Nives Arrigoni hand-painted and artistically painted were.

The result is two authentic, unique, remarkable works with a personal celebrity touch – handmade. The background to the campaign: The two special Smurfs will be auctioned for a good cause and the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Zurich. Ex-Miss Switzerland from 2006 and current presenter Christa Rigozzi will also contribute a personal smurf.

Of course, it should also be mentioned at this point that the Smurfs have only withdrawn temporarily after their stay at Zurich’s Stadelhofen. Because they will come back on April 6th, and then – for everyone – to see them on the big screen. The film THE SMURFS – THE LOST VILLAGE will then start in German-speaking cinemas.

About the film

In diesem komplett animierten, völlig neuen Schlumpf-Abenteuer begibt sich Schlumpfine mit einer geheimnisvollen Karte und ihren Freunden Schlaubi, Hefti und Clumsy auf eine aufregende Reise in den „Verbotenen Wald“, der voller magischer Kreaturen ist. In einem Wettlauf gegen die Zeit müssen sie das „Verlorene Dorf“ ausfindig machen, ehe der böse Zauberer Gargamel es entdeckt. Die Reise der Schlümpfe wird zur reinsten Achterbahnfahrt voller Action und Gefahren – und an ihrem Ende steht nichts Geringeres als die Enthüllung des grössten Geheimnisses in der Schlumpf-Geschichte!

Kelly Asbury („Shrek 2 Returns“) directed this tumultuous adventure for the whole family. Jordan Kerner („Piggy Wilbur and his friends“, „The Smurfs“) is the producer, Mary Ellen Bauder („Hotel Transylvania“) is co-producer, and Raja Gosnell and Ben Waisbren are executive producers.


Source: The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH
Article images: The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH (animation by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures)

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